How can bone fractures change your life?

Apr 12 , 2022

Emmanuel Lugo

How can bone fractures change your life?

When you have osteoporosis, bone fractures are high on the list of concerns. You'll want to take steps, such as lifestyle changes and medications, to help prevent them.

The most common fractures for people with osteoporosis are those of the spine, hip, wrist, and forearm. They each have their own long-term effects, but they do have a few things in common.

What are the general problems with osteoporotic fractures?
No two fractures are exactly alike. The effects on your life depend on the bone that is broken and its severity. But some things you can expect include:


This is different for everyone. The fracture itself can take months to heal, but the pain can last for years. It could have a ripple effect on your other bones, muscles, and joints as you change the way you do things to try to make it hurt less.

Living with pain can also affect your quality of life, your sleep, and your mood, sometimes leading to depression. Talk to your doctor, who may suggest:
* Medicines
* Heat and ice
* A brace
* Physiotherapy, including massage, acupuncture, and acupressure.
* Mind-body techniques such as guided imagery, biofeedback, and relaxation training.
* Surgery

Movement problems

Spine and hip fractures in particular can make it difficult to get around. They affect walking, bending, pushing and pulling.

You can get help using tools like a cane, walker, or long-handled scopes.
When you don't move around much, you're more likely to have problems like heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and mental health conditions like anxiety. Your doctor can help you find ways to prevent or treat these conditions.

Emotional problems

It can be hard when things that used to be simple take more time or energy due to injury, or you can't do them at all.

It can also make it harder to get out of the house, see friends, and return to your normal social life. All of those can affect your relationships. See a mental health professional who can help you deal with issues you may have such as anger, anxiety, hopelessness, or a lost sense of dignity.

Spinal Fractures

When your vertebrae, the small bones in your spine, become thin and weak, it doesn't take a fall to break them. They may start to fall apart. And you may not feel any pain when it happens.

Your vertebrae work together to support your body, so a fracture can keep you from bending, bending, and twisting like you do every day, like when you tie your shoes or take a shower. And once you have a spinal fracture, you're more likely to have another.

If more than one vertebra begins to crumble, you may have a stooped posture that gets worse over time. This is a condition called kyphosis or "widow's hump." It can cause severe pain and affect your lungs, intestines, and heart.
This is why spinal fractures can cause many other problems, including:
* Constipation
* Lack of appetite
* Prolonged back pain
* height loss
* Nerve damage causing numbness, swelling and pain.
* Pain in your belly
* Trouble breathing

Hip Fractures

As with spinal fractures, hip fractures affect the way you move and do things for yourself. And once you've broken your hip, you're more likely to break it again.
Because you may be bedridden while you recover, and not very active, hip fractures can lead to:
* Pressure ulcers
* Blood clots in your legs or lungs.
* muscle loss
* pneumonia

Wrist and Forearm Fractures

These can be very painful, but tend not to have the same far-reaching effects as spinal and hip injuries. But they can still cause problems in your daily life.
After all, you use your wrists and hands for many tasks around the house and in the world. For example, you may find it more difficult to write, cook, and perform basic grooming tasks like brushing your teeth if the pain doesn't go away.

Your doctor or a physical or occupational therapist can help you find solutions to these problems.


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