Want To Slow Down the Aging Process?

Apr 27 , 2022

Emmanuel Lugo

Want To Slow Down the Aging Process?

A way to keep them at youthful levels, without going to expensive anti-aging clinics, is an absolute game changer.


Chlorella, is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is also the most abundant source of chlorophyll. Which, by itself is an impressive molecule with numerous health benefits. And its not just for its incredible nutrition, chelating ability, and cancer-fighting properties.


The nucleus of chlorella contains a remarkable and unique complex known as Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF contains additional chlorophyll, the vital antioxidant glutathione, and most importantly, RNA and DNA. And this bio available form of RNA and DNA could drastically slow down the constantly ticking hands of times.


And during photosynthesis, CGF is produced rapidly within the nucleus and is responsible for chlorella quadrupling every 20 hours. A chief component of it’s growth and repair mechanism is its inclusion of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA.


It has been estimated that CGF contains an astounding 10% RNA and 3% DNA. Which is significantly higher than the next highest source, sardines. And, probably more palatable for the average person.


So, as its name implies, CGF is a growth promoting substance which also contains valuable antioxidants and essential building blocks of life.


As we age most of our bodily processes slow down or diminish. Hormones plummet, bones become brittle, and hair thins.


Our DNA diminishes as well. But, like the other processes I just mentioned, it doesn’t have to.


By consuming a substance like CGF we can replenish our own DNA and RNA and keep our cells strong and resilient.


Additionally, CGF boosts our antioxidant capabilities, removes heavy metals, and lowers inflammation.


And while those benefits are nice, and unquestionably important, its the ability to revive our nucleic acids which is the most crucial and amazing benefit. As these acids serve as the foundation for our cells, finding a way to keep them at youthful levels, without going to expensive anti-aging clinics, is an absolute game changer.


Keep Your Youthful Energy
We can grow wiser and repair cellular damage along the way by using amazing compounds like CGF.


If you want more time and energy to live life to its fullest, then consider supplementing with CGF.
Chlorella Benefits