Maca Power 99 - 120 caplets, Natural Boost for Endurance & Stamina, Improves Sexual Health, Supports Hormonal Balance, Highest Potency Formula Maca 99% (Vegan, for Men & Women)

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Maca Power 99

Potent boost of Maca 99%
Higher potency, purity with enhanced effectiveness!

Maca, Lepidium meyenii, is a root vegetable that grows at 4,000m above sea level at the Peruvian Andes. Dating back to 10,000 years ago, Maca is traditionally used as a medicinal herb and energizing food. Maca is recognized as a nutritional powerhouse by scientists and botanists. A single root of Peruvian Maca contains almost 60 types of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and many kinds of active phytonutrients such as alkaloid, polyphenols, and glucosinolate. Although Maca is unrelated to the ginseng family, it is also referred to as the “Peruvian ginseng” because of its adaptogenic function and usage as a traditional remedy to increase stamina and energy. Maca traditional usage in supporting endurance and sexual health.


Potent Maca 99% - Superb strength unattainable by other brands
AFC Maca Power 99 is formulated with the highest potency Maca 99%. It is in a highly concentrated form made from 100% natural Maca root. Extracted by a proprietary extraction process, AFC Maca Power 99 has high level of active compounds to deliver optimum vitality-enhancing and hormone balancing benefits to the body. It works on the body according to needs, age and gender of the person taking it - allowing males and females of all ages to benefit from regular consumption.

Pesticide-free, quality assured premium Maca product 


Best seller in Japan, AFC Maca Power 99 contains the finest Maca root in purest form without any additives, pesticides, preservatives or stimulants. It is non-heaty, suitable for vegetarians and both men and women.


  • Supports peak performance and stamina
  • Supports physical energy and vitality
  • Supports hormonal balance

Contents: 300mg x 120caplets





Maca for Stamina & Endurance

Maca Plant
Since ancient times, food that promotes stamina always has one thing in common - wonderful balance of nutrients. This is because your body functioning and strength are affected when there is missing of certain nutrients. Health is supported by a balance of nutrients, with good health, you have the STAMINA naturally.

Maca is a mysterious plant boosted with many kinds of nutrients, which cannot be found in other plants. In general, most plants are not able to sustain in the living environment of Maca plant. Maca is able to sustain its life in harsh growing environment - hot sun, acidic soil, extreme morning and night temperatures difference, in the highlands of Andes. It has been found to be a useful source of nutrients since Inca Empire about 2,000 years ago. Benefits demonstrated by consumption of Maca include improve energy level, strengthen immunity, anti-aging and reduce stress.


Contents: 120 caplets 

Active Ingredients per 8 caplets

Maca 99% (2376mg)

Nutrients of Maca (100g of Maca powder): Calcium 585mg, Protein 11.5mg, Zinc 11.3g, 16 types Amino Acids (Alanine 0.39g, Arginine 0.61g, Aspartic Acid 0.67g, Glutamic Acid 0.73g, Glycine 0.35g, Histidine 0.19g, Isoleucine 0.28g, Leucine 0.45g. Lysine 0.31g. Methionine 0.11g, Phenylalanine 0.29g, Proline 2.49g, Serine 0.33g, Threonine 0.33g, Tyrosine 0.20g, Valine 0.39g). (Nutrients level examined by Japan Food Research Laboratories)

Daily Dose: 4 caplets

Intensive Dose: 8 caplets daily

Suitable for men, women & long term consumption. Can be taken at anytime of the day.

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